Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: Movie: Save me

For most gays, we have simply gotten used to bad gay movies. It's just part of our culture, ridiculous, but true. But we still flock to the theaters, netflix, illegal downloads, whatever in the hope for a good one.

Since we got netflix on our wii, I have been randomly watching gay movies. Most really bad. But was surprised last night when I watched "Save me". Maybe it was Chad Allen and the fact that I heart him.

Basis of the story: Chad's character Mark is a gay guy who is addicted to sex and drugs. After an overdose, he decides it's time to change his life. He is brought to a place called Genesis House which is ran by a couple: Judith Light and Steven Lang. (Steven Lang is the bad ass general from "Avatar". Was impressed at him in a gay themed movie). While at Genesis house, Mark faces his demons and meets the ever hot Scott(Robert Grant, who is Doctor Ben from Queer as Folk) and they form a tight bond. Throughout the movie, there is a very evident struggle of the characters dealing with being gay and Christian. The end is borderline cheesy, but not horribly so.

As a gay Christian, it was nice to see a movie that deals with the topic.

Review: 3.5/5 stars!

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